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Whether you are wanting an audit to evaluate your Health & Safety processes, looking for pre-qualification and procedure advice, or wanting full service assistance with the implementation of your Health & Safety matters - we tailor our services to meet your requirements. 

Health & Safety
System Performance Evaluation

As a PCBU, knowing whether or not your safety management system is working beyond meeting compliance standards can give you some much needed clarity. Conducting an assessment or an audit can help to alleviate any doubts relating to compliance and also provide some meaningful insights for your continued improvement. 

Therefore, our first point of service with any business would be to conduct a System Performance Evaluation to answer; is my business meeting health & safety compliance and best practice? Where can we improve? Our specialists will get to know you, your staff and your business and recommend the most appropriate evaluation pathway for you.

System Performance Evaluations can include;

  • Safety Managed H&S Systems Assessment

  • Preliminary ISO Audit (ISO45001)

  • SafePlus Assessment 

Or assistance with any of the existing pre-qualification platforms such as; 


  • Tokita

  • Qualify 365

  • Sitewise

At the completion of your System Performance Evaluation, you will be provided with a Safety Managed Action Plan, outlining a detailed report of your current H&S systems as well as a list of recommendations for improvement. As a result of the action plan, you may elect Safety Managed to assist with the either the design of, and/or the facilitation of any improvements. 

Additional Services:


  • Our specialists will take the time to get to know your business and assess your unique risk profile.

  • This will be incorporated with an extensive consultative process with stakeholders to ensure that any H&S system we propose, will work for those using it at the coal face of the operations. 

  • We will also assess what it is you are doing well, and how you can capitalise on this to boost your H&S performance.


  • Our specialists can build a framework tailored to you, your operations and your staff.

  • To do this, we have partnerships with key H&S digital app providers, giving you all the information to make the best selection for your business. 

  • We also have years of experience writing effective policy and procedure. 


  • Once the system framework is built, we can assist with the implementation of your new H&S procedures with ongoing support and guidance.

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